Health and Safety Support for Small Businesses

Health and Safety support can be a bit hit and miss with some very expensive information sources available to use for minimal return.

This is where we differ; BESafety has been formed to assist the Small Businesses out there who are looking for advice and support that does impact negatively on their operations or the finances that support their growth. We want you, your employees and your customers / visitors to be safe in the knowledge that your Health and Safety is properly managed to ensure the safety, health and well-being of everyone who comes into contact with what you do and do not do.

Health and Safety is your responsibility for three very good reasons:

  1. You have a Moral obligation

  2. You have a Legal obligation

  3. You have a Financial obligation

First and foremost, your key motivation for supporting a good health and safety culture is 'It is the right thing to do'; the legal obligation supports this and is where we come in. We can advise, support and proactively respond to your needs.

Don't wait for something to happen before you do something to keep everyone safe and healthy, be one step ahead of adverse events and call us today.

Here are just some of the areas that we support:

  • General Health and Safety

  • Fire Safety

  • Food Safety

  • Infection, Prevention and Control

  • Health and Safety Training

  • Stress Management

  • Policies and Procedures

Call on +447961 787687 to discuss your needs

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